Love & Sex are part of healthy living…

Most adults want to enjoy a pleasurable sex life, so being in a good physical, emotional and mental condition as well as in a fulfilling relationship are essential to reach that. Information, counseling and sexual enrichment add life to your sex life increasing your sexual activity and well being.

Sex knowledge frees couples from sexual poverty, anxiety, sexual problems, absurd myths and false beliefs, which interferes with sexual health and pleasure. Sex knowledge may free couples from disappointments, emotional disturbances, sexual conflicts, infidelity, and even divorce.

A climate of profound intimacy, where couples can ponder, explore and appreciate the benefits of a healthy life style, including an active sex life, is vital. Studies show a strong correlation between a fulfilling relationship and sexual satisfaction. Feelings about the relationship and the partner, especially for women, have an important influence and great impact in performance, response and sexual satisfaction.

Pleasure has a very positive effect in our life; it floods our bodies with endorphins, the happy hormones. Releasing these endorphins on a regular basis can bring you a more relaxed and positive you, so a better relationship!

Are you ready? It may be that you are “available” but not necessarily “ready” for sex. Therefore, readiness for sex is important and it takes time and commitment to truly enjoy a pleasurable sex life together. Let’s work on that!

According to my experience, couples who work through their own step by step processes are able to build:

* Assertive Communication
* Affection and Good Feelings
* Agreements and Commitments
* Intimacy and Emotional Connection
* Long Term Sexual Pleasure

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