Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a healthy relationship and a satisfactory sex life? The best investment of your life! Take action and connect to your partner!

YES! Update and upgrade your relationship because the quality of your love life is key to a successful, healthy, and happy life. Take action now! Dr. Heinz provides individual & couple counseling, coaching & consultations. She specializes in intimacy, infidelity, communication, sexual problems such as low sexual desire, sexual pain, rapid ejaculation, erectile problems, self-esteem. She has over 18 years of experience helping men, women, and couples overcome marital/relationship problems. Bilingual (Spanish/English). Absolute confidentiality & privacy. You have the opportunity to start over and enjoy a long-lasting passionate relationship, regardless your age. Get the tools, the knowledge, and the strategies to overcome your issues. Long-lasting passion is possible! Take action now! Never is too late for a fulfilling love life. Make More Love!

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Dr. Aleida Heinz

Dr. Aleida Heinz is a board certified Sexologist with over 18 years of experience helping men, women, and couples from all around the world. Dr. Heinz holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality, a BS in Psychology, and is a Couple & Sex Counselor, who specializes in intimacy, infidelity, couples-marital issues, and sexual problems. In 1998, Dr. Heinz began her career as a marriage therapist to help couples to solve their relational conflicts. Years later, she realized the importance of going deeper into the sexual area, becoming a Clinical Sexologist. The uniqueness of Dr. Heinz is that she is one of the few specialists who has successfully intertwined the two fields: Marital/Couple and Sex Counseling to fully understand the complexity of intimate relationships and the interaction of love & lust in relationships. Moreover, she is bilingual -English & Spanish- with an interesting multi-cultural background. Dr. Heinz has successfully helped thousands of people from different cultures, races, ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, including LGBT, in areas related to intimacy, infidelity, relationships, and sexuality, with her unique style. Dr. Heinz was born in Caracas, Venezuela, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — surrounded by extremely happy people — and was raised by a German nationality father. Having the best of both cultures, she acquired the cheerfulness of Brazilians and the discipline of Germans. Nowadays, Dr. Heinz has a private practice in Charlotte, NC, is a lifetime board certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists, AASECT Certified Sex Counselor, & Master Sex Coach Trainer, who has become a skillful mental professional you can trust. Dr. Heinz always says: “I live what I believe, and I do what I preach”. It would be Dr. Heinz’s privilege to help you reach a healthy sex life and a happier relationship, the one you deserve… Call for your 80 minutes initial session to discuss, evaluate your current situation and find solutions. Then, you are welcome to continue if needed. Packages are available. Dr. Heinz is taking all her calls personally to guarantee your privacy. Absolute discretion, confidentiality and privacy. No nudity or touching involved. Now accepting new clients, so don’t wait any longer to set up your initial session. Call at (803) 415-1582 – Email: aleida@amorsex.com – English & Spanish. Dr. Heinz is co-author of the book “How the Internet can lead to Infidelity” and the author of the coming book “Seven Sex Secrets” . Upgrade your sex life!. Long-Lasting Passion is Possible. Make Love Last Forever! Dr. Heinz

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What Dr. Heinz's clients say

Testimonies from real people Dr. Heinz has worked with. Because her sessions are confidential, identities are anonymous.
Erectile Problems

Erectile Problems

"I had problem maintaining an erection, I saw Dr. Aleida ad and so glad I did! After talking to her she started giving me some exercises to do for the week. Needless to say the..."

Cannot Thank You Enough!

Cannot Thank You Enough!

"Dr. Heinz is truly one of the best professionals in her field. I've done extensive research prior to finding her and from the first session I knew I found the right doctor. She truly cared..."

A Refuge and Resource

A Refuge and Resource

"I must say that initially, I was a bit nervous about meeting with Dr. Heinz. That discomfort only lasted about five minutes. Dr. Heinz is a very engaging, an excellent listener and is..."

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